We ensure that all employees reach high level of efficiency in completing their work within the normal working
hours. We help employees strike work-life balance and do not encourage the practice of taking work home or
working for extended hours at office.

We encourage a highly stimulating, knowledge sharing environment which helps all employees to significantly
improve their understanding of capital markets and asset prices. Apart from the learning, opportunity to interact
with the best traders and experience of making call on equities, employees are given the opportunities to take
responsibilities for team building, training of new recruits, arranging parties, entertainment and sporting events.

We allow sufficient paid- leaves for employees to make a home trip at least twice a year in addition to providing
room for sick leaves.

For us, employees are our key assets, and we intend to take good care of them. It is because of our employee
friendly practices and stimulating job profile, Vistasoft takes pride in being able to attract and retain the best
talent in the country.

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Work Culture