Vistasoft offers a unique opportunity to work in the field of equities in the world's most liquid and most
efficient markets. A position with Vistasoft should be seen as a long term career move. Within Vistasoft, high
quality graduates can forge a career based around their own ambition and aspirations resulting in financial
independence and the satisfaction of working within a highly competitive industry.

Joining the structured training scheme at the beginning helps you to learn the basics while working with
mentors and enables you to grasp the driving forces for each sector in different economic conditions.
Gradually you develop a toolkit of essential skills of your own which you then apply to understand the stocks.

We believe that our growth is linked to the growth of our employees. We therefore strive to create an
environment that does value enhancement for both Roc Capital and our employees.

We currently offer opportunities in both the services offered by us.

  • Opportunity in Equity Analysis

Equity Research Analysts - Analysts will track specific sectors for US and European markets to start of with.
The job will require frequent interaction with Senior Traders in the US. Strong Analytical and Communication
skills are essential for the position. Compensation Package will be the best in the industry.

  • Opportunity in Quantitative Analysis of Global Financial Market

Bachelors/Masters/Ph.D. Preferred degree disciplines are Engineering and Sciences. Resume evidence of
a very high intelligence is critical. This would typically be demonstrated by very strong academic achievements
from top institutions as well as awards from competitions in your field. You will work closely with traders in
New York to develop design and implement Quantitative-trading strategies. Knowledge of at
least one standard programming language is required. Experience with statistical software such as SAS &
MatLab is an advantage. Candidate must have excellent communication skills.

  • Financial Analysts – For our operational needs, we require financial analysts, experienced in analyzing
stock markets and interpreting trends. Management Graduates, with Finance specialization will be given

  • Software Development

For our software development work, we need Java programmers with two years experience in development in
J2EE environment. BE / MCAs will be preferred. Since the job involves close coordination with the team in
US and UK fluency in spoken and written English is required.

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